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The Diary of Baby Carlyle

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The Diary of Baby Carlyle Empty The Diary of Baby Carlyle

Post  Baby Carlyle on Mon Nov 29, 2010 4:14 am

November 29, 2010

Dear Journal,
So New York officially fucking sucks. No joke. I hate it here. It's so damn loud. The people are stuck up bitches, and it's just yuck. My first day of school wasn't too bad. As usual, Avery was trying to get in with the right crowd. Fuck that noise. I have better shit to so with my time. I met two people are are kind of cool, I guess, Vanessa and Brianna. Apparently, one of them's a real life princess. I know, pretty fucking cool, right? They don't seem too bad. In fact, I'm kind of hoping they'll ask me to hang out with them. I feel like a fucking loser eating by myself in the cafeteria. Avery doesn't really want to talk to me after the french debacle. So I may have cursed out the French teacher and her stupid stuck up teacher's pet. Big fucking deal. They both deserved it. Oh well, whatever. I'm going to bed. I have to get up and go to the shithole tomorrow. Joy of joys.

Peace out,

PS. Oh yeah, I need to figure out what the Hell this Gossip Girl shit is. Apparently, she's some stalker freak that likes to send text messages out letting everyone know your business. Great. Just what I need.
Baby Carlyle
Baby Carlyle

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